Through The Darkness

I lived in darkness

Withdrawn from modern life

My mind was full of negativity

And my mood was depressed

I can relate to the melancholic poets

And the gothic literature of Edgar Allan Poe

These lost souls are misunderstood

This is not a quest for evil

But a search for positive energy

I will come out of this stronger

Wiser and more sympathetic

I felt so restrained by modernity

By the pressure to conform and look good

I took a razor and cut through the superficial layer

To get in touch with my soul

I had to risk losing my life

To realise how precious it is

Now I am fully restored

A cloak of darkness surrounds me

I see the world in crystal clear vision

Droplets of blood fall from my eyes

A memory of the sadness I endured

A bright new spirit guides me

But the darkness will always be there

To remind me how bright these days are