My Immortal

 I stand by your graveside

With tears running down my face

The pain is unbearable

The loss so distressing

To lose you in such a way

To die for such a pitiful reason

A hoodlum looking for cash and an easy target

Stabbed with a knife for a few pounds

The loss is too immense to comprehend

How do you  deal with such a death

The answer is simple

You simply carry on

Whatever the obstacles you  have to remain strong

I have to bring up our child and educate him

I have to teach him right from wrong

Regardless of the injustice I have suffered

Few things comfort me in my lonliness

I hope our child wil grow up to be strong and caring

I place my future in his hands

In time he will have to look after me

I find comfort in music

It helps me to relax

I am listening to My Immlortal as I stand by your graveside

The words have a strong impact on my state of mind

They help me deal with the grief

You will always be with me despite our loss

And I believe we will be reunited in heaven someday

Until that time I will care for our child

And hope that fate treats me kindly

And I will never marry again

Our bond was too strong for that

I cry lonely tears but as time passes by

They become less and less

The need to be strong and resillient bears down on me

There is no time for grief

I leave a red rose by your graveside

As the song My Immortal plays on

Until we meet again my love

You are always in my thoughts