Gothic Wonderland

(Inspired by The Rasmus and Alice in Wonderland)

Alice worked as a maid servant for a really rich couple
They lived in a grand Victorian mansion
They often had grand balls and dinner parties
Alice would serve the food and drinks
The mansion was full of tall mirrors
Alice was fascinated by them
She sensed there was another world there somewhere
She thought she could see figures moving on the opposite side of the mirror
So she stretched out her hand
And someone grabbed her arm and pulled her through the glass mirror
She was in a dance hall full of people
They were all dressed in black and watching the band on stage
The band playing on stage were called The Rasmus
And they were playing a great tune called In The Shadows
All the crowd were going wild with excitement
There were some strange figures in the crowd
She could see the Mad hatter drinking tea
And the White Rabbit checking his watch all the time
The Cheshire Cat was always grinning and drinking Baileys Cream
And The Red Queen was sipping champagne
This Gothic Wonderland felt like home to Alice
The singer on stage was attractive and charismatic
He had been the one who had pulled Alice through the mirror
She felt an instant bond with the singer
Alice was thrilled and enthralled by the new world
She was destined to spend the rest of her life in Wonderland
She would marry the attractive singer
And they would have five children - three girls and two boys
They all dressed in black
They formed their own band called The Gloomy Kids
And they were a big success in Wonderland
So everyone was happy and content in their world
And they all lived a dark and enchanting ever after