Psychotic Dream

Standing on the edge of the mountain
I can see for a million miles
The universe is within view
A tidal wave of emotion passes over me
A million thoughts pass through my mind
On the edge once more
On the edge of another psychotic breakdown
Prepare to make contact
I can read your thoughts
But the distortions and distractions destroy the signals
So close to revealing the ultimate truth
On the verge of gaining universal wisdom
But too many minds are in play
I am not the only one who can transmit thoughts
Those in power know all the secrets
They lock up people like me
Ply me with anti-psychotics
And block the signals
Slowly the thoughts fade away
And darkness envelops me
So tired and lonely
I can't keep down a job
My behaviour is too erratic
Those strange thoughts keep breaking through
But a tablet or two will suppress the pain
Can't handle the stress
Head for the bedroom and try to rest
There is no escape
The lines are crossed
The signals are down
You are all alone
Don't play with fire
Unless you want to be burnt
You interfered with the system
And it is our duty to protect the status quo
Accept your fate and fade away! Fade away! Fade away!
One tablet, two tablets, three tablets...
I accept my fate and fade away! Fade away! Fade away!