Graveyard of the Forgotten

 This graveyard is a merciless place

No love can be found here

This is a graveyard for the forgotten souls

Nobody visits the graves

It is a soulless place

However even the forgotten ones have friends

There is a caretaker who tends the graves

Each grave has a headstone

And each grave has a wreath placed on it on the date of their death

The graveyard is kept in excellent condition by the caretaker

He lost his wife in a car accident

He took to drink and could not hold down a job

In time he became homeless

And begged for enough money to buy another bottle of whiskey

The streets were a dangerous place full of drugs and violence

Eventually he found this graveyard

It was a quiet and safe place

He chose to sleep there at night

There was another caretaker at the time who was very old

He was in his eighties and close to death

He had no family or friends

He told the drunken man about the Graveyard of the Forgotten

It was his duty to keep the place respectable

The two men became friends

The old caretaker died a few months later

And the drunken widower took over the role of caretaker

It helped him to sober up

It gave him a sense of responsibility

He felt at home surrounded by so many lost spirits

In time he would grow old

Soon another wraith or stray would find this place

And the role of caretaker would be passed on

The creator of souls takes care of us all in his own way

Such is the cycle of life

Even the most unfortunate souls will find a place of rest

Nobody is turned away from the Graveyard of the Forgotten