Crucifixion of an Angel

She remains defiant in the face of death

Nailed to the cross

Accused of treachery and witchcraft

She was only true to her soul

She had a taste for adventure

She could bewitch and beguile

She was fantastic company

A party animal who also had a sensitive side

She loved romantic trips to Paris and Rome

She liked expensive clothes

Her lovers would spend all their money on her

But that was not enough to keep her close

She always felt the need to move

Always uncomfortable in one single place

A thirst for excitement which had to be quenched

Many of her partners became paupers

A few even took their lives

She was an explosive personality

Once you had spent an evening in her company

Your life would never be the same

And now she has been judged by her former lovers

Found guilty of being a witch

An old crime in a modern setting

I kneel at her feet and beg her to forgive us all

"Your beauty corrupted our souls

Such beauty only belongs in heaven

Return to your eternal home

And forgive us for being mere mortals."