To Die For

I sit at my desk
Busy writing my poetry and stories
I write of death and the macabre
I immerse myself in murders and stabbings
I write tales of revenge and of desolation
All my heroes are touched by death
Above the desk is a picture of Edgar Allen Poe
It shows him writing at his desk
Apparently it shows his writing the Fall of the House of Usher
It is one of my favourite stories
It tells the story of a family doomed to disaster
It tells of murder and mayhem
And of premature burial
It is a disturbing picture
But it is strangely compelling
The desire to own the picture can be overwhelming
Legend tells us that the picture is bewitched
Or that it has malevolent powers
It has apparently had many owners since it was first painted
All the owners have apparently gone mad
Or have ended up taking their own lives
All the owners were rich
But once they became owners of the painting
Their fortunes slowly slipped away
Business deals collapsed
And share values became worthless
The painting has a dark history
So why have I bought the picture?
For one thing I am very rich
And I can afford it
I have written many horror stories
Which have sold well and made me a small fortune
And another thing, I am already mad
I live in an asylum for the rich and wealthy
I have cable TV and a drinks cabinet
I have an extensive library of books and journals
The painting can do me no harm
I am already diagnosed as insane
And death would be a blessing
What should I do with the painting when I die?
Would you like to own it?
Have you got a taste for death and destruction?
I have given instructions for the painting to be sold on the internet
The highest bid will win the painting
How much do you value your sanity and life?
I dare you to make a bid