The Final Blow

I lie on the floor with blood flowing all around me
I have been stabbed brutally several times
The wounds are fatal
My assailant has struck the final blow
I struggled to resist the attack
I fought tooth and nail to protect my life
I tried to pull the knife out of his hands
But he was too strong and determined
He would not cease his vicious attack
Another innocent victim in this cruel, cruel world
And yet I was determined to resist the assault
I fought and fought furiously to prevent the blows
At one stage I grabbed hold of the knife
And struck a blow at my assailant
I did not hear a sound
Neither a scream nor a whimper
I only felt more blood oozing from my body
As I fell to the ground I looked around
And there was nobody around
I had been fighting myself
The crazed attack was unleashed by my own hands
The words "die, die, die" were written in blood on the walls of my flat
My years of isolation had finally taken their toll on my state of mind
In a final psychotic act of despair I had brought my life to an end
"Forgive me Lord for this final act of madness"
I breathed my last breath and passed on to a better place