Ghost Ships

The ghost ships sails the ocean

Sailing unknown waters bereft of life

The harbours are devoid of life

Apart from a skeleton staff

Whose job it is to serve the ghost ships

That sail the oceans

So many souls searching for a final resting place

Unable to find peace

They congregate on these ghost ships

Even in death there is comfort in numbers

Sometimes we feel so alone

And to die without a soul to share our last moments

Is a challenging prospect

Every now and then a lost soul finds peace

And is allowed to disembark

Sail on in search of peace and tranquillity

The waves of the ocean help to soothe the restless spirits

They have no home apart from these ghost ships

They sail through endless darkness

The light is too much to deal with

These spirits have rejected human contact

They cannot cope with their troubled history

They wait until the matter is resolved elsewhere

Time passes and perspectives change

Redemption does come calling from time to time

If you buy a ticket on the ghost ship

You may never find peace again

Sailing the oceans for thousands of years

Hoping to find safe passage to some distant shore

And finally finding your way to heaven

Where eternal peace and salvation await