City of Dreams

There was a man of many great talents

A poet, an artist, an intellectual

He had read many books

And was certain of his superiority over others

He wrote many great pieces of verse

And fabulous paintings

That inspired all of his peers

There was a great output of inspirational poetry

And paintings of vivid colours and meanings

The city was alive with excitement and activity

This great man of learning observed all around him

And became somewhat disenchanted

He posted a letter in the local newspaper

Accusing his contemporaries of copying his style

And of stealing his ideas

Many letters were posted in the newspaper in response

"We admired your work and felt the power of creativity"

"Why do you criticise us for trying to improve ourselves?"

The debate continued in the newspaper

But it became more and more vindictive

And helped to undermine the peace of the city

Everybody became disenchanted and they started to leave the city

A brief spell of brilliant creativity

Was followed by a gradual decline

The other artists found pastures new

And lived happy and prosperous lives

But the city died