Always And Forever

- Gothic Love Poetry

The Music Box

Serenity sat on her bed and listened to the music

Playing over and over on the music box

It was her most treasured possession

It had been a birthday present to celebrate her tenth birthday

It was a haunting tune and the pink ballerina pirouetted and danced

To the tune and the music box play on and on

Serenity was now 35 and had lived here for 10 years

She had been engaged to Steve

They had first dated at the school prom

Just after her 16th birthday

They had gone on holiday to Spain and Cyprus

Bought a home together

And soon they would be married

But one night he found Steve in bed with her sister Sapphire

She had screamed at both of them

She screamed so much that she passed out with nausea

She was taken to hospital and stayed over a few nights

When she returned home Steve had move out

A week later she discovered he was staying with Sapphire

They both laughed at her and shouted "poor Serenity"

One night soon after she took an overdose of sleeping pills

Her mother found her slumped over her bed

She was taken back to hospital

And although she recovered physically

Her mind could not deal with the shock of recent events

She returned to her childhood lost in daydreams

She was moved to the psychiatric ward

And there she remained for ten years

Some of the patients complained about the music going on and on all day

The same simple haunting tune

It drove them to distraction

But it was the only thing that helped Serenity to stay calm and relaxed

She remains there to this day listening to her music

Lost in childhood dreams of innocence.


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