Always And Forever

- Gothic Love Poetry

Defending The Realm

 The soldier raises his gun one last time

The Nazis are on the march

He is out numbered but he refuses to yield

They are fighting in the streets

He is situated at the corner of a building

He shoots at the enemy

He takes out three German soldiers

But another seven remain

One of the German soldiers and takes aim

And kills the brave British soldier

He falls to his knees

And then keels over

He breathes his last breath

The war continues but the soldier has done his job

He resisted the evil tyrants

Back home his wife and child wait for news of their husband and father

Some days later a letter arrives in the post

The wife opens the letter with tears in here eyes

She know by the envelope that the news is bad

As she reads the letter she sobs uncontrollably

Many years on the wife is in France to visit her husband's grave

Her grown up son accompanies her

They stand by the graveside and read the inscription

"A beloved husband and father

Who died to save our freedom"

They lay down some flowers and utter some silent prayers

As they walk away her son speaks to his mothers

"Some things are worth dying for whatever the price"

"To live in freedom rather then under tyranny is the greatest gift of all"

"Sometimes we have to make sacrifices for things we believe in"

The son later married and had three children

And they lived comfortably and at peace

All thanks to their father and grandfather

Who will always be remembered for his bravery and courage. 


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