Always And Forever

- Gothic Love Poetry


The beautiful Belladonna is heading for the city

She looks like a tall dark Gothic Princess

All dressed in black with purple lips

She intends to make the most of these moments

Time is so precious and yet it lasts for eternity

She is heading for The Crypt

A gothic nightclub playing techno and rave

She is seeking out her prey

As she swings and sways to the rhythm of the music

She is an intoxicating sight

All eyes follow her every move

All the young men are enraptured

Caught up in her haunting spell

She sets her gaze on a tall dark stranger

Who sits quietly by the dance floor

His eyes focused on Belladonna

Dominic will be the one tonight

They leave The Crypt together

A night of passion awaits

She takes his hand and lead him towards her Black Porsche

They speed off into the night

And head for her exclusive mansion in the country

The lovemaking begins

As they reach a frantic climax

She lets her fangs bite into his flesh

The excitement is over

The thrill has gone

The tears roll down her face

Belladonna is again all alone

Driven on by a mad passionate desire

To love, to live and to taste new blood


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