Always And Forever

- Gothic Love Poetry

Eternal Embrace

The woman stands by the cliff's edge

And stares out to sea

Tears fall from her eyes

One year ago her true love perished in the sea

There was a storm and the boat was lost

Twenty sailors lost their lives

She dreams of Eduardo

And hear him screaming for help

He is no longer at sea

But in purgatory between Heaven and Hell

He doesn't understand why he is there

He is suffering for both of them

He will return to Heaven when his love rejoins him

She thinks of suicide but knows that would be wrong

She just wants to embrace her love again

Her life will go on

But her mind will always be thinking of Eduardo

She stands on the cliffs

And is bewildered by the power of the sea

And by the hand of God

She only has one desire

To sail away into another world

To float above the clouds

And join Eduardo once again in an eternal embrace

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