Always And Forever

- Gothic Love Poetry

Valentines Day Lament

The Georgian mansion feels cold and empty

Memories play on the crystal chandelier

Darkness holds me in its relentless grip

Red roses lie randomly on the floor

And a glass of white wine rests in my hand

The roses have died and turned black

Black roses on Valentine’s Day

My love is far away

It may be many years before we meet again

Angellica left me five years to the day

My dear love was on her way to meet me

And enjoy a romantic meal at Luigi’s, our favourite restaurant

But her red Ferrari spun out of control

On a tight bend near our home

She died instantly in a tangled wreck of metal

So each Valentine’s Day I drink a glass of wine

I drive my black Mercedes to her grave

And place red roses next to her marble headstone

“My beloved wife, so beautiful and pure,”

“Who’s life was so cruelly cut short,”

“You are always in my thoughts”

I live comfortably in my exclusive Californian mansion

But all the luxuries and all the money in the world

Cannot bring my love back to me

Until the day I die

And embrace her again in heaven

And kiss her soft lips

Share in my bitter sweet memories this Valentine’s Day

The memories of our love sustain me

And comfort me in my idyllic isolation




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