Always And Forever

- Gothic Love Poetry

Dear Esmeralda

 Here I am in this graveyard surrounded by dead bodies

Just one week ago I buried my wife here

And yet I know she is not dead

She was taken ill and there were two puncture marks on her neck

The dreaded Count Dracula has called her to his clan

She is now one of the living dead

If I don't act she will spread this disease far and wide

I have come here to put and end to this nightmare

I have in my hand a shovel, a hammer and a wooden stake

I dig up the grave and remove the lid from the coffin

My wife looks so peaceful

"My dear Esmeralda, I love you so much"

"Please forgive me for what I am about to do"

I pick up the hammer and place the stake above her heart

I raise the hammer and strike the first blow

My Dear Esmeralda lets out an ear-splitting scream

It puts the fear of God into me

I strike another blow and another

The tears run down my cheeks

I know now my beautiful Esmeralda is at peace

She is now free of this dreadful plague

Now my mission is to hunt down Count Dracula

And put an end to this sickening nightmare

I will hunt him down and find his place of rest

And then the nightmare will be over for us all

"Sleep well my dear Esmeralda, at last you may find peace"


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