Always And Forever

- Gothic Love Poetry

Fragile Beauty

She sits alone in the hospital

Sitting on a bench in the garden

Making daisy chains on the grass

Lost in her own little world

Thoughts of love and betrayal

High hopes and disappointments

She looks haggard and drawn

Just plain and ordinary

Nothing special

And yet in her youth she was a beauty

All the boys love her

She was kind and generous

Friends with everybody

But she didnít have a boyfriend

She waited for you

While you played the field

Seeking adventures in the long grass

Eventually you could resist no more

And you asked her out on a date

She was so happy

Pure and innocent

She dreamed of eternal contentment

She had finally met her Prince Charming

But you were no prince

You were nothing but a rogue

You took advantage of her

And moved on

To more fun and games

She pleaded for you to come back

You only teased and tormented her

And told jokes to your friends

She was heartbroken

Emotionally crushed

She dropped out of college

Her hopes and dreams shattered

Her parents were distraught

But there was no consoling her

She was admitted to hospital when she was 21

She drifted and lost touch with reality

After several years you had the courage to visit

Married with children

She didnít even recognise you

And continued to play with her daisy chain

Still lost in her own little world




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