Always And Forever

- Gothic Love Poetry

The Haunted Prince

The Prince prepared himself for the evening meal

He sat at the head of the table

And the inhabitants of the castle gathered in the great hall

Several Pigs on spits were brought in

And trays of roast potatoes and vegetables

There was a solemn atmosphere

And people stared with concern at the Prince

The harvests had not been good and the country was at war

Many people cursed the Prince behind insincere smiles

Twenty years ago the Prince fell in love with Eleanor

The daughter of an Anglo-Saxon lord

He invited Eleanor and her father to the castle

And entertained them royally

After a few such gatherings The Prince asked Eleanor to marry him

She refused and said that she was promised to someone else

A noble knight of English blood by the name or Edgar

The Prince was furious and locked Eleanor in the highest tower of the castle

He promised that he would only be released when she agreed to the marriage

The news soon passed through the villages and the towns people were furious

They gathered an army and lay siege to the castle

The Prince's men were brave and loyal

And promised to defend the castle to their death

Edgar was at the head of the army

And lead his men bravely

They climbed over the ramparts and fought hand to hand

Many soldiers died that day

Edgar was in a state of fighting fury

He was determined to get to the tower

He killed several soldiers and climbed the stairs

He found the room in which Eleanor was imprisoned

And he broke down the door

Eleanor shouted, "Be careful my love!"

But it was too late

The Prince was laying in wait

And struck Edgar with a blow from his sword

He fell to the ground with blood oozing from his head

Eleanor ran to him and tried to comfort him

There was nothing she could do

Edgar was close to death

"Now you will be mine!" shouted the Prince

Eleanor grabbed the sword and plunged it into her breast

The Prince was dumbstruck

He could not believe his eyes

"You will be haunted from this day on", Eleanor spilled out the words

And she passed away

From that day on the ghosts of Eleanor and Edgar haunted the castle

They could be heard in the middle of the night

"I will never leave you my love"

"The Prince will never marry, he shall have no heirs to the throne"

"He will live long and die a lonely, old man"

And so time passed and the court of the Prince remained a solemn place

As the years passed the Prince slowly lost his mind

He would walk through the castle mumbling to himself

"Leave me alone, let me make amends"

But he was beyond hope

In time The King died

And the Prince was to inherit the throne

The wise men of the Kingdom decided he was mentally unfit for the role

And offered the kingdom to his younger brother

The Prince was confined to the same room in which Eleanor was imprisoned

He grew more and more confused as the years past

And eventually he died a sad, confused old man

The ghosts of Eleanor and Edgar were set free

And stopped haunting the castle

The inhabitants of the castle held a celebratory feast

And prayed for happier days

Eleanor and Edgar were finally re-united in heaven

Their spirits finally able to rest in peace


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