Always And Forever

- Gothic Love Poetry

Street Kid in London Town

 Jody just wanted to be loved

She was tired of all the shouting and screaming

First of all it was her mother who took the blows

And then he started on her

Her father had loved her in the beginning

She could remember the good times

When they would play on the slide and the swings

But that was becoming a distant memory

She felt empty inside

She saved up some money and walked out the door

One look over her shoulder and then she turned away

She headed for the centre of London

Another stranger on the way to cardboard city

She begged for money to buy food

And made a few new friends

Children in a similar position to her

Or possibly worse off

Addicted to alcohol or drugs

Even in this desolate landscape

She found warmth in others

A boy named David looked out for her

They grew closer and shared a kiss or two

She slowly started to feel happy again

A warmth inside that had died long ago

But now was newly rekindled

However life can be cruel in cardboard city

David was a heroine addict

And needed to have his fix

There were times when he was okay

When he loved and caressed her

And showed her he cared

But the craving was hard to resist

He had to get his shot of the intoxicating white powder

Tragedy is never far away from these streets

They found him lying in a cardboard box

The life had drained out of him

The Salvation Army arranged the funeral

Jody and few of the street kids turned up to say farewell

Now Jody was alone

And trouble was surely not far away

The streets of London are no place for a vulnerable young girl

Only time can determine her fate

Let us hope and pray it is not too late



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