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The Death Of A Goth

Hip-hop gangsters playing on the swings

Schoolboys planning their way into the big time

Make a hit record or rob a bank

Whichever comes easier

Defend your territory at all costs

This is our playground

Outsiders are not welcome

Along comes a goth with girlfriend by his side

Different cultures about to clash

Dressed in black with jet black hair

Talking to each other about nothing in particular

The hip-hop gangsters see the couple and start shouting

"Clear off you freaks, we don't want you around here"

The young couple are taken aback

They feel a little frightened

The tension is high

"Kill the goths" they shout in unison

And the gang start to chase the goths

They catch up with the young lad and knock him to the ground

They start to kick him and beat him

His body is being broken into pieces

His girlfriend cries for help but nobody comes

She starts to try and stop the hip-hop gangsters

She tries to pull them off but they start on her instead

She falls to the ground and her head hits the concrete slabs

The gangsters kick and scream

A gangland beating marking out territory

They are laughing and joking as the girl drifts from consciousness

She is close to death

Two or more blows will finish the job

Her boyfriend is crying and screaming

There is nothing he can do

She is dead now

No way back

"You should have left me to die"

The young lad cries out in sheer desolation

So many lives destroyed by an act of violence

A dark shadow has been cast on so many lives

The gangsters will spend their days in jail

And the goth girl's friends will learn to cope with their grief

She will be remembered by those who knew her

Killed for being an outsider

Will we ever learn to live in harmony with our neighbours

And accept others for who they are?


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