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My Immortal

I stand by your graveside

With tears running down my face

The pain is unbearable

The loss so distressing

To lose you in such a way

To die for such a pitiful reason

A hoodlum looking for cash and an easy target

Stabbed with a knife for a few pounds

The loss is too immense to comprehend

How do you deal with such a death

The answer is simple

You simply carry on

Whatever the obstacles you have to remain strong

I have to bring up our child and educate him

I have to teach him right from wrong

Regardless of the injustice I have suffered

Few things comfort me in my lonliness

I hope our child wil grow up to be strong and caring

I place my future in his hands

In time he will have to look after me

I find comfort in music

It helps me to relax

I am listening to My Immlortal as I stand by your graveside

The words have a strong impact on my state of mind

They help me deal with the grief

You will always be with me despite our loss

And I believe we will be reunited in heaven someday

Until that time I will care for our child

And hope that fate treats me kindly

And I will never marry again

Our bond was too strong for that

I cry lonely tears but as time passes by

They become less and less

The need to be strong and resillient bears down on me

There is no time for grief

I leave a red rose by your graveside

As the song My Immortal plays on

Until we meet again my love

You are always in my thoughts

Young girl new in town

Ambitious parents too busy to see the pain

Trying to adjust and fit in

At night she cries

At night she draws a blade across her wrists

Does not do sports because other girls would see the scars

She does not quite fit in

Just wants to be happy

She just wants to be loved

Her parents don't understand

Grown-ups never understand

She writes down her thoughts

She wants to be a writer when she is older

She writes dark poems

An outlet for her thoughts

She sets up a personal website

To share her thoughts with others

Reaching out into virtual reality

Trying to make contact

She gets good feedback on the guestbook

And a few emails with positive messages

She logs onto a gothic site

And finds a poetry forum

She can get feedback from other members

Finally make contact with others

So many emotions tied up inside her heart and mind

She posts a few messages to other members

A support network for the depressed

One of the members starts to criticise her work

She can't understand it

Everyone else is so nice

But this guy is vicious

He just wants to hurt her and humiliate her

He is older and more manipulative

The girl has reached breaking point

Tonight the blade digs deeper than normal

She is found by her mother the next morning

Her sobs last for a hundred years

She reads her daughters poems

And shows them to others

Her daughter was talented

She sends them off to a publisher

Who shows interest

And agrees to publish the poetry

Under the title of An Anguished Heart

The book sells a hundred thousand copies

The young girl is finally reaching out from beyond the grave

Her emotions now shared with others

So many lonely girls able to relate

And understand the pain

A sacrifice which is a by-product of this modern world

So many anguished hearts pleading to be heard.


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