The Old Mansion

 I decided to look at the old mansion near Honeycliffe that was up for sale

It had remained unoccupied for a couple of years

It was a beautiful building but looked quite desolate whilst boarded up

The mansion had belonged to an earl

He was a young man of twenty-five

He was married to popular and well-known socialite called Rebecca

She was apparently quite beautiful

And the life and soul of many a party

They had been married for two years

It was rumoured that Rebecca was having an affair with a local musician

When the earl heard about the rumours he went into a period of depression

He didn't want to believe the rumours

On one night he heard that his wife was with the musician at his home in the city

He flew into a rage and drove his Ferrari out of the garage

He was determined to confront his wife and the musician

The mansion was half an hour from the city

And the country roads were narrow and dangerous

He was driving too fast and the care left the road

It fell down into a ditch and smashed into some trees

The Ferrari was wrecked and the earl was close to death

A driver passed by the incident and noticed the smoke coming from the car

He pulled over and crawled down into the ditch

He found the earl trapped in the car

With his last breath he said, "Tell my wife I love her and I forgive her"

I hoped that the mansion would offer me a better life

I looked around the building and was most impressed

The mansion had several excellent bedrooms

And a splendid Dining Room

The grounds were undulating and expansive

I fell in love with the place

And I decided I wanted to buy the place

I got into my car and started to drive back to the city

Along the way I started to put my foot down

I felt a little out of control

Suddenly the car started to skid and left the road

The car smashed into a tree and I passed out

Five days later I woke up in hospital

My wife was at my side

I had been in a coma for five days since the accident

We decided not to buy the mansion

Too many bad memories were attached to the place

It remains boarded up and unoccupied

The spirits of the dead are free to wander through the empty rooms

Until some brave soul decides to try and set them free.


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