Up Above


I haven't lived here very long, so I'm not used to the sounds I hear

It sounds like screams of terror coming from the apartment above

I also hears thuds, what this is I'm not really clear

I bet the person that lives there wished they could fly away like a dove.


The sounds from above wake me from a deep sleep

So I am kind of groggy as I stumble around trying to find the light

With all this noise a corpse couldn't sleep

I walk into the bathroom and see the pipes are leaking again, so I get a wrench and try to turn the nut on the pipe real real tight.


Now I hear sirens it seems the police have arrived

Something bad must have happened upstairs

I wonder if sadistic things make the neighbors thrive

After what I heard for a little while I was scared.


This apartment house must really be old for my pipes to leak when they run water upstairs

I am in a state of awe, as I try to figure out what happened up above

After what I head it's hard to sit here without a care

I wish there was something I could do but I'm scared to even think about going above.


Going back into the bathroom, I see the pipes are leaking again

But what is this? The leaking water has the color of red

I know what happened now, no need to pretend

From what I can figure out someone is dead.


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