The Lighthouse


This is undoubtedly the biggest lighthouse, I have ever seen

So regal

, as each night her beam shines, directing all those ships at sea

I'm going inside to look around, the inside painted white, everything looks so clean

Standing high and tall, the light seen for miles as it should be


It is almost dusk, oh boy, I get to see the light come on

The light, that warns, they are very close to shore

Alone, in this place, I sudden hear something as it moans and groans

Causing me to shudder, in my soul to the very core


My first thought is some one is playing a trick on me

So I look around, I am totally alone

I scratch my head, as logically this can't be

I hear it again, now I am chilled to the bone.


I am a tourist, and I only came here, because some one told me it was nice

But they never told me, this place may be haunted and with a ghost

So quiet, I could even hear a mouse

I did not know to the supernatural, I may be a host.


On the winding stairs I see an apparition, that us all in white

On this note, I turn and hurriedly go back outside

But outside, I turn and look up, and I see a horrifying sight

At the top of the lighthouse, standing looking out, a woman looking out, seems to be dressed white just like a bride.


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