Don't Go Into The Garden


You must not go into the garden, my child, especially on this night

For I know you are being stalked by one of the undead

I have seen him in the shadows, stalking you, so to earthly life you must hold on very tight

To get away from this demon you must stay one step ahead.


So my child, please take heed from an old woman such as I

Stay away from the garden, for this is where he watches you and waits

Please, my child, on this old woman's advice you can rely

Stay away from the garden, so you don't submit yourself to a desolate fate.


If you really look in the shadows you can see his eyes as they glow red

In the garden, the silence of everything will give you a sense of irrational fear

He even obtains the power, if he wanted to, to lure you to his bed

So child, from him stay away, steer clear.


You don't want to have the same fate as he, always roaming at night looking for fresh prey

Always lurking in the shadows and darkness, watching the ones you choose as victims

He will try and teach you horrid things, even lie to you to make you stay

He will try anything, he will even go out on a limb.


So child, stay away from the garden and as I said especially on this night

You are so young and beautiful to be exposed to the darkness of the undead

Cling to this life, my child, hold on very tight

So stay away from the garden after everything done and said.


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