The Pink House


The house I was raised in is now long gone

It was over a hundred years old when I lived there as a child

Some strange things happened there and I often wondered if they were

from the previous occupants, from the seeds they had sewn

Some of the things I heard there some would consider somewhat wild.


This big creepy house was painted pink, and believe you me it was of

somewhat of a strange genre

People walking in the halls and no one there, voices talking and

still no one there

If you had been there I am sure within your very being instilled in

your soul there would have been intense fear

You could be by yourself, and everything you heard would have been

very clear.


Where did they come from as they tried to communicate from there?

ghostly domain?

I wasn't the only one to experience this, most anyone that entered

the house of pink would experience this too

At times for my friends to come to my house I was ashamed

Not understanding being a child, not having one single clue.


The pink house believe or not, this place had thirteen rooms

Unlucky? I should say! All the lost souls that were trapped here

The pink house had a tendency to emit doom and gloom

Fourteen years I lived there, the whole time my entire being was

filled with fear.


No words can describe my experiences of supernatural origin when I

lived there

Never seeing anything but I heard plenty of unexplainable stuff

People walking, talking, moaning, and groaning, the origins of this

until this day still remain unclear

All these supernatural events made living in the pink house pretty



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