The Spook House


I have always been obsessed with ghosts and things

Being intrigued by this all, it is not strange I run a spook house

So I made this place as scary as I could, so when you visit here to your very sanity you will have to cringe

Step into my place and I bet you will never set foot into another spook house.



Come on in and fear for your life for a while

Subject yourself to the feelings of spine chilling fear

Open your mind to the darker gothic style

Step in meet the ghosts that at you will leer.


So step across the threshold to another place another time

Come meet all the evil ones from the fiery pits of hell

Experience the things that are hard to define

After you see what's in store, I'm sure others you will tell.


The experience of fright and darkness will be intense

Causing your spine to tingle and you to scream

So come on and visit here at your own expense

You will think you are in a living nightmare type dream.


So come on in, bring your kids and your spouse

To experience the enjoyment of darkness and fear

You will very much enjoy your visit to HELL HOUSE

Come, stay awhile, because my friend, you will never leave here.


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