Under the House


Being a plumber at times is not a job of fun

But the money, well that is an added bonus

But it is a good job, like for remaining out of the sun

The there are the times, I must be on the ground of in the dust.


Well this is one of those few awful times

My work must be done, under an old dark house

Under this house, everything is as silent as a mime

Except for the sound of dripping water, and the occasional mouse


I smell the stench of the moist, rich dirt

As I try to find the source of the water that drips

The sound seems to be coming behind a mound of dirt

I can't seem to find a way to the water that drips.


So, with flashlight in hand, I hear like the sound of a dropping pebble

Something out of the norm, for a place like this

Soon I hear " HELLO? is this a demon, the voice of a devil?

Thinking some one is trapped, but how? in a place like this?


Digging in the mound, I finally reach the other side

The voice I heard sounded just like a small child

But, no on is here, could it be the voice of one that died?

This entire thing is unreal, this thing is wild.


My hand hits something, but it doesn't feel smooth like a rock

It feels porous, in a way sort of dull

Something paranormal? In this I don't take stock

Until I see what it is, it is a small dark skull!


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