The Spiral Staircase


 This big old house is so lovely

Marble floors, three stories high, spiral staircase

The beauty of this place caught my heart, see

I bought this place before any one else could so I bought in haste.


Sometimes within these walls I feel an icy cold draft

At other times it's like I feel the touch of someone on my arm

If I should tell other people they would think I was daft

This place holds a subtle Victorian charm.


I think everyone has heard the legend of those that died here

The mother and child that were totally consumed by fire

She walks the spiral staircase, searching, if you saw her this would surely instil fear

I really did see this I'm not a liar.


The house was rebuilt after the fire that took two lives

So the imprints from that tragic day remain here

I heard this terrible thing happened back in fifty-five

The terrible tragedy that still possesses the power to instil fear.


The first time I saw her it really scared me

Her silently creeping downs the spiral staircase

Her crying and moaning because she can't find what she is searching for

She is always crying with such a solemn face.


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