The House Possessed


Living alone I sometimes feel uneasy

About unusual things I hear and see

Sometimes so afraid I feel queasy

Especially the things I witness and see.


This old weather beaten wood frame house

Holds all kind of emotions within it's walls

Sometimes in this place I feel as timid as a mouse

I even hear voices sometimes call.


Cold and damp the stagnate air feels

As I am witness to unspeakable things

It's as if this old house posses a will

To hold on to evil diabolical things.


It's like all the energy to be generated here is bad

I feel the evil as it tries to consume my very soul

This ghastly place will eventually drive me mad

Seeming this the house's primary goal.


Some way some how I have to leave this place

Before its goal is achieved

For me to see insanity's face

I must get away and leave.


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