Evil Dwelling

 Whenever I try to sleep I can hear a piercing scream inside my head

It is the scream of a young girl

It sounds horrific and so frightening

It started the moment we moved into this new house

It looked so nice with white panelling and hanging baskets

It looked as though a lot of love had gone into it

We had conversations with the neighbours

And they told what happened

A lovely family had lived in our house

The husband had an important job in the city

His wife was a Marketing Executive

And they had two children - a boy and a girl

Apparently the husband was under a lot of stress at work

One night he had been working late

He was entertaining one of his clients

And returned home after midnight

Before going to bed he had a drink then another and another

For some reason he just snapped

He grabbed a claw hammer from his toolbox and walked upstairs

He entered his bedroom where his wife was sleeping

For some reason he snapped and struck his wife on the head with the hammer

He hit her again and again

Then he went into the children's bedroom

Both the children were asleep

First of all he attacked the young boy

The hammer was covered in blood

The young girl started to scream and scream

Her father turned on her and struck her with the hammer

He hit her again and again and again

The police were called and the man was arrested

He was declared insane and ended up in a mental asylum

The doctors asked him why he did it but he said he didn't know why

He just said that he was stressed and everything was getting too much to deal with

He just exploded and the alcohol blocked out any sense of restraint

Every time I go to sleep I can hear the little girl screaming

It is a truly horrific experience

Will there ever be peace in this house?

We don't know what to do

Should we try to move or should we stay and bring up our family here?

Maybe the sound of happy voices can drown out the screams

And we can all live happily ever after

Will this house always be possessed by evil

Or can the slate be wiped clean?

We are a religious couple and we believe in God

I hope God will help us through this

And bring happiness and joy to our home


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