The Possessed House

  We moved into our new house about two years ago

It was brand new on a new estate

We bought all the furniture

And wallpapered the walls in a style that we liked

We felt content and comfortable

Our children started at the new school

And they settled in well

They had friends coming over to play

After a few months strange things started to happen

When we left our home things started to move

We would go for a trip into town

And when we returned all the furniture would have moved

It was a little disconcerting

It started to happen more regularly

Every time we left the building things would move

We put everything back in its place and tried to ignore it

The children thought it was good fun

"The ghosts have moved the furniture again!"

One night we returned and again everything had moved

We washed our hands under the tap and blood started flowing out

My wife started to scream

I was quite shaken myself

We quickly left the building and booked into a hotel

We got into conversation with one of the guests

He told us that there were evil spirits on the state

The estate had been built on an old graveyard

And all the dead spirits had been disturbed

Eventually we moved to another area on the other side of the city

We discovered that other people had similar experiences to us

After further investigation we discovered that the bodies had not been removed

And the spirits were seeking a place of rest

In time the estate was abandoned and all the houses bulldozed

The contractors who build the estate were sued in court for malpractice

The site has now returned to being a graveyard

Hopefully the spirits of the dead can now be left in peace.


(Inspired by The Poltergeist by Stephen Spielberg)


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