This Haunted Abode

As I walk through the rooms

I feel a sense of unease

This is the family home

My ancestors have lived here for centuries

And now the property belongs to me

Back in the 17th Century

The house belonged to Lord Rayner and his wife

His Wife was very beautiful

But came from a poor home

Some of the locals thought it was a poor match

And that the Lord of the Manor should have married from the aristocracy

His young wife was called Annabel

And she was interested in herbal remedies

Many people came to seek treatment

And claimed to be healed

Some of the locals called it witchcraft

Eventually the Witch finder General put Annabel under arrest

A number of locals claimed she was a witch

And that she cast magic spells to make the potions work

Poor Annabel denied the charges

But was found guilty

She was placed on a wooden stake and burnt alive

In the grounds of the manor house

Ever since it is said her ghost has haunted the manor

A troubled spirit seeking justice and redemption

I can feel a strange atmosphere in the abbey

I have read the testimony of the witnesses at the time of the trial

I will make it my mission to clear Annabel's name

And for a pardon and an apology to be issued

Only then will her spirit be free at last

To find her way to heaven and salvation

For the time being she will be my companion

In this haunted abode


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