Princess And The Ghost

The Princess lived in a magnificent castle

High on to of a hill

The King was situated in the palace some distance away

But he often visited and stayed at the castle

The Princess was very beautiful

She was twenty years old and adored by the towns people

Many nobleman hoped to win her hand in marriage

The Princess often wondered alone in the castle

And sometimes she walked through the dungeons

He felt at home with the dead

A sense of melancholy was always close at hand

She was reluctant to play the role of a princess

She wanted to choose her own husband

But that was not the way of things

While walking through the dungeons

She came into a contact with a ghost

His name was Sir Peter

He had been a gallant knight

And was brave in battle

He had been locked in the dungeon by a previous king

The Princess was enchanted by her ghost

She was not frightened at all

She found his presence comforting

She could empathize with his troubled spirit

The previous king had fallen in love with Sir Peter's sister

But she did not want to marry the king

She was an Anglo-Saxon and the king was a Norman

She already had a husband in mine

Who was the blacksmith in the local village

The previous king tried to take her by force

But the villages and townspeople resisted

Sir Peter headed the resistance

Eventually he was captured and taken to the castle

And his sister took her life rather than be forced to marry the king

After several years in the dungeons the king had sir Peter beheaded

The Princess was shocked by the story

She knew how his sister must have felt

Soon she would be twenty one years old

And her father was determined to announce her future husband

And her birthday approached she spent more time in the dungeon

Talking to the ghost of Sir Peter

The inhabitants of the castle thought his very odd

But said nothing

On the morning of her birthday

Her chambermaid entered her bedroom

And found the Princess lying lifeless on her bed

She had taken her own life

A note was found next to her body

"I have chosen my own destiny

I have chosen to join the ghost of Sir Peter in harmonious unrest

Will we ever find peace or will we haunt the castle forever?

I depart this world in a state of peace and contentment

Please don't weep for me - I have found my true destiny"

Time passed and the kingdom became a democracy

And the castle became a tourist attraction

Some people say they can still hear two ghosts singing and laughing together

Apparently content in their state of harmonious unrest


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