Afraid Of The Darkness

 The darkness has always frightened me

Ever since I was a child

When I was younger my mother would read ghost stories to me

Then we moved to a new house which locals said was haunted

I used to have nightmares about the ghost

She was said to be a servant who was murdered by her master

He was in love with her but she rejected his advances

In a fit of temper he strangled her

He was decreed insane and ended up in a mental asylum

The maidservant started to haunt the house

Shouting out the name of her true love

She moaned and sobbed all night long

I had difficulties in deciding what was real and what was my imagination

I had many nightmares about the maid Molly

I would dream of her being strangled and releasing a terrible scream

When I turned twelve I actually saw the ghost for the first time

I was so frightened

I saw the ghost many times after that

I tried to talk to the ghost

"Molly, what can I do to help you?

"Help me to find my true love Marcus"

"He is the man I wish to marry"

"Marcus died many years ago - can I help you find peace?

"I am destined to walk these corridors forever"

My parents didn't believe me about seeing the ghost

They became concerned about my state of mind

Eventually we moved to a new home

And Molly was left alone to haunt our old home

I always find it difficult to sleep in the dark

I still think I will see a ghost

Even though I know our new home is not haunted

I think I will always be afraid of the darkness


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