The Serial Killers 

- dark poems to chill the heart

Killing For Company

I sit here alone in prison

I write down my thoughts as a historical record

I know I killed people but I was driven to it

I guess you might call it killing for company

As a child I was something of a misfit

I came from a strictly religious family

My mother died young and I was brought up by my grandmother

I was told that to sin was a wicked act

And that God punished sinners

I was brought up to believe that homosexuality was a sin

It seems to be that God played a cruel trick on me

As I grew up I started to have homosexual thoughts

I felt ashamed but I could not stop my imagination

In time I realised that I was homosexual

But I had to repress my thoughts

I could not reveal my true identity to anyone

I left school and for a short time I was unemployed

After that I joined the army and learned to kill

To deal with the sight of blood without being squeamish

After I left the army I became a civil servant

I worked for local government in a job centre

Helping people to find work and sorting out their benefits

At nights I trawled the gay pubs and clubs of London

I knew what to look for

Lonely people like myself looking for company

To start with it was okay but as time past by things became harder

It was hard to say goodbye

One night I declined so say goodnight

I drugged my guest and strangled him to death

Now I would always have company

In time I had to dispose of the body

I used an acid bath

The remains were washed down the drains

Killing became something of a habit

It was also an adrenalin rush

Entering into territory most human minds steer clear off

It became something of a compulsion

One day a neighbour complained about the drains being blocked

A plumber came out and discovered my dreadful secret

The police were called and I was arrested

They found important evidence in my flat

And I was subsequently found guilty of multiple murders

My face was plastered all over the national press

I had achieved certain notoriety

One of Britain's most infamous serial killers

All I wanted was a normal life

But society rejected me

All I wanted was love and friendship

The ultimate result was that I was found guilty of Killing for Company

(This poem is based on an amalgamation of the lives of Jeffrey Dahmer and Dennis Nilsen.  Their stories have many similarities)


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