The Serial Killers 

- dark poems to chill the heart

Mind Of A Serial Killer

 I just watched Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs

It got me thinking as to the motivation of a serial killer

Is it all about control?

To leave your mark on society

To be known

To have existed

I thought that Hannibal was not realistic

In the books I have read these killers are basically ordinary people

Overtaken by extraordinary events

One killing leads to another

Then the madness sets in

Where do you go after the first killing?

There is no way back into normal society

You have crossed the line

Your place in Hell has been booked and paid for

By the blood of your victims

You are taken on a journey towards insanity

The desire to be caught becomes overwhelming

To finally bring an end to the killing spree

Even in this madness a certain degree of humanity breaks through

You face your accusers and prepare to pay for your crimes

In your cell you contemplate your fate

And researchers and writers will try to penetrate your mind

To try and reveal the secrets of a serial killer

You resign yourself to what is to come

They strap you into the electric chair

And your lights go out

Your figure casts a long dark shadow on the minds and souls

Of all those who knew the victims

A haunting memory will always linger in the mind

And the question as to how such a tragedy could have happened

Will remain unanswered until the day when wiser ways prevail


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