The Serial Killers 

- dark poems to chill the heart

The Devil's Apprentice and Friends

I was one of the lucky ones to have been hand picked by Satin him self
I made a pact the devil to serve right by his side
He has promised me all kinds of things including riches and wealth
My life he guaranteed will be one sweet ride.

To show my appreciation to him I wonder what I can do?
He picked me as his apprentice now I will know everything
I gave him my soul in return for what I'm able to now do
To repay him I must think of the most gruesome deed possible where my victims will feel evil's sting.

It is August of nineteen sixty-nine
In this day and time I should be able to come up with something really good
I will have to include my friends if my idea is really good or fine
My friends I have include because to me they follow and serve me so good.

I'll call Tex,Susan, Patricia,and Leslie on the phone
Telling the how I wish to please my instructor, Lucifer, the fallen angel
Anything we do evil he will condone
You know we are already bound to hell.

I know, I will try to provoke the ultimate war
But to do this I must invoke a specific reason
I used to read literature on Hitler maybe I can use some of his ideas the more I read oh this man, I always want to read more
I would have felt very privileged if I would have been his son.

I decide we shall commit murder and blame it on another race
Then I will have my race war
But I and my friends will stand back and watch it take place
In the end we will have gotten what we wanted, we will be rewarded by Lucifer, I can't wait to see what he has in store.

The first time I ordered murder, I did not go, when at random we picked Sharon Tate and friends
But this wasn't enough, so the next time I went with them to the La Bianca's house,hey I even tied their hands for the others, who had the job to make sure the victims were dead.

In my mind this was the most ultimate gruesome crime
I'm totally convinced if we get caught, my partner from hell will protect me
So any one in Charles Manson's way better take heed
With my connections I can make things turn out the way I want them to be.

The establishment finally figures out we are involved. So what?
I'm not scared! My partner from hell will protect me
But I had no idea my friend, Linda, would turn he back on me
My friends know of the power given to me, I can control anything they do or say
My partner and I will make everything alright,see.

We were all found guilty and sentenced to die
I sit here not worrying, waiting on my partner to come and make everything fine
While I sit here they change their mind about the death penalty, so life in prison, now I won't die
If I were to spend life in prison my hell of what I did would always be on my mind.

So here I sit the one that wanted to be Hitler's prodigal son and fooling myself I was doing so well
He promised to get me out of this, but after he got what he wanted it seems maybe he lied
Oh boy! Life in prison and my soul condemned to burn an eternity in hell
Seems like all the hearsay about you, Lucifer was true and not a lie.


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