The Serial Killers 

- dark poems to chill the heart

Legacy of Hate

pt 1

Got to get a gun and shoot someone

Before it is too late

Before I lose my nerve

I feel angry and I have a desire for revenge

Life has treated me badly

I have been driven mad by frustration

If I don't act now I never will

Instantly forgotten

A funeral with no mourners

It is a cruel world and wicked things happen

Somebody deserves to die

Someone has to pay the price for my suffering

Why not you? (Are you so innocent of blame?)

Have you never ridiculed somebody?

Have you ever tormented somebody?

Start begging for mercy for your time has come

Fate has brought us together

The victim and the mad criminal

I have been a victim most of my life

And now its your turn

Say Goodbye

I will pass on your thoughts and concerns to your family

I leave behind a legacy of hate

"Pull the trigger now or remain unknown forever"

Bang!!! - Its over!


pt 2

It was quite a thrill

An explosive adrenalin rush pulsing through my veins

I thought I would pull the trigger and that would be it

But nodody heard the shot

And I ran off into the night

Now I have a tast for violence

"Its time for redemption baby"

"The Grim Reaper is on the loose"

"And He is on the look out for someone like you" 

I think I will choose a romantic couple this time

Why should they fall in love and live happily ever after

Things don't always work out so pleasantly

Sometimes you live a life of isolation and desolation

Two victims should be a real thrill

Twice the pleasure, twice the pain,

More death and destruction

The greater the glory

It makes no difference to me

When they catch me I am a deadman

So I will just cause deadly chaos while I can

In front of me I see a couple hand in hand

So much promise of happiness and contentment

Taken away at the last moment

Like my childhood

Every killer has a good excuse

Treated badly at home

It justifies all the killing

I didn't ask to be born into this world

But now I am a survivor just like you

Getting by the best way I know how

"Time to say Goodbye!"

Bang! Bang! Two more dead victims

A certain sense of exhilaration

But no time to enjoy the moment

Time to plan another killing

I maybe knocking on your door next

- Stop me if you can!


pt 3

That was kind of exciting

But the snese of exhilaration soon fades away

There is so much anger inside of me

Death and glory - payback time!

I have finally shaken off all the chains

The chains that held me down

Rotting away in a dirt little hovel

Suffering in silence

While the world passed by

But now I have made it into the newspapers

You can't ignore me now

I will lie low awhile

I have another sheme in mind

Far greater than my last two performances

Got myself a automatic machine gun from the Gun Club

Now I am armed to the teeth

First it was the family man

Then the happy romantic couple

Now it is the turn of the children

So innocent and vulnerable

It is not good to be misled

The world is a dangerous place

And it is time the children were told the truth

Tonight is Halloween

Party Time - lots of explosions

I put on a ghostly cloak to hide the machine gun

Don't want to be spotted now

So close to the ultimate triumph

An old neighbour is holding a party for his children and their friends

A suitable candidate I think you would agree

I stand outside and take one last deep breathe

Smash - the door crashes down

Screams and mayhem!

The bullets start to fly

Bang - bang - bang - ... bang - bang - bang

All the children are dead

And the blood is splattered on the walls and ceiling

AS a final act of defiance

To deny you the opportunity to convict me

I turn the gun upon myself and pull the trigger

Only this note remains behind

Judge me and condemn me

But you will never forget me

- Happy Halloween!!!



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