The Serial Killers 

- dark poems to chill the heart

The Darkness Below

 Sabrina was drinking at the bar

Waiting for a friend

She was drinking a martini

And getting impatient

She liked De Angelo's

But she wanted to get to the nightclub

As she sipped her drink

A young man approached her and started to chat

He was well-dressed, dark hair, good-looking

They chatted for a while

He was apparently a post-grad student at the university

He was studying Law

"I will be back in a minute she said"

And headed for the toilets

She returned and sipped her drink

She started to feel giddy

"I need some air"

"Let me help you"

The young student guided Sabrina outside

As she breathed in the night air she passed out

...Groggy and disoriented she started to wake up

The place was dark and damp and smelt of rotting flesh

A sudden sense of shock and horror hit her

She realised her legs were shackled and she could not move

There was a crack of light from above

She was in some kind of makeshift dungeon or call

She started to scream and scream in panic and terror

She could feel the bones of skeletons around her

She screamed in terror and banged her fists on the wall

The trap door above opened

"So you have woken up at last"

"Having a good time down there"

"The first night is free of charge"

"The second night will cost you an arm and a leg"

"Welcome to my home, I hope you enjoy your stay"

"You crazy fucker, are you mad? Let me out you crazy loon"

"You shouldn't lose your temper"

"You will have to be punished for that"

...William H. Jackson was arrested by police after a tip-off

A girl had escaped from his car after he had drugged her

At his three-bedroom home the police found 40 bodies

They all showed signs of mutilation

The body of Sabrina Henderson was eventually identified as one of the victims

Her parents were unable to cope and they both had nervous breakdowns

She was their only daughter and the centre of all their hopes and ambitions

There are so many victims in cases like this

...My name is Professor Jane Henderson

Sabrina was my elder cousin

I started to study Criminal Psychology

I know we can prevent crimes like this

We have to help all our children

Crime and abuse can be the starting point

Isolation and alienation are the breeding ground of despair and psychosis

Some people say we get the society we deserve

That is probably true

But we can have a better society if we study behaviour

And prevent any child from becoming psychotic or dangerous

Every life I save is a tribute to Sabrina

I hope my knowledge will help others

We all have a role to play to create a safe society

How safe do you feel today?


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