The Serial Killers 

- dark poems to chill the heart

The Black Phantom

The date is 31st October 2005

The TV reporter faces the camera

And starts her report

A fire has started in a block of apartments

The whole building is in flames

In the background a crowd has gathered

Left of frame a figure emerges

All dressed in black

He draws a knife from his belt

And stabs a member of the crowd

There are shouts and screams

The black phantom runs down a side street and disappears

This is his sixth victim

Each Halloween for the last 5 years he has killed

Always in front of the cameras

He has a taste for publicity

What can de done to stop him?

Should there be a news blackout?

No more news reports on Halloween

How do we stop this menace?

A phantom who disappears into the dark

It is disturbing to see a killing live on TV

See if you can spot him while you watch the news

What will you be doing this Halloween?

Will you be watching the Evening News?

Watch if you dare!


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