The Serial Killers 

- dark poems to chill the heart

Russia’s Garden of Death

In Russia a serial killer feeds on the flesh of his victims

He devours their souls

And spits out their dead bones

The police search in vain for the killer

For the moment he is free

Free to unleash his anger and frustration

A lifetime of under achievement

Has eaten away at his soul

His thoughts are dark

They linger on death and torture

A bright young thing

Full of beauty and innocence

Comes into view

He hides in the bushes

With a hammer in his hand

He strikes a fatal blow

And drags the body away

To prepare a grisly feast

A life full of hope

Brought to a sudden tragic end

Like a red rose strangled by weeds

The killer is the deadly weed

A life started in hope and expectation

The sense of goodness slowly vanished

Choked to death by evil thoughts

A black abyss is all that remains

Soon the police will catch the killer

And lock him away for life

All the roses in the garden

Will bloom and reach maturity

Their beauty will brighten our lives

And give hope to future generations



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