The Serial Killers 

- dark poems to chill the heart

Boston Strangler

I  am but a lowly maintenance man

So why should you fear me?

Open your door to me and invite me in

For I am as meek as a kitten, see.

I will fix anything in your home that has gone wrong

So open your door, and I will even take the time to entertain you

Do you like to sing? I will teach you death's frightening song

For you to even think you could get away, your choices would be very


It doesn't matter to me if you are fat or thin young or old

I have a certain appetite that must be fed

I will even stay by your side for awhile as I watch your body grow


Nobody suspects me they have no idea I like to do horrid things with

someone even though they are dead.

Is your air conditioner not working or how about your heater?

Just let me in and I will fix it for you and I will also fix you

I won't beat you up, I'm not a woman beater

To my identity police haven't one single solid clue.

So let me in your home so I  may feed my sick hunger

I will be nice and not mess up anything

All of Boston would love to have my phone number

Albert de Salvo is my name better known as the Boston strangler, my

victims to life they all wished to cling.


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