The Serial Killers 

- dark poems to chill the heart

What Have I Become?

What kind of monster have I let myself become?
In the light of day I lead a normal life, but when it becomes night, I become some one else
I have killed an immense unbelievable sum
The other one, I have no memory of this someone else.

From what I know I have a sadistic taste for men
Even though I am married and a well respected gent
After my sexual acts, I get so enraged with myself, I kill to totally wipe it away, and maybe I won't do this again
To my knowledge so many to hell I have sent.

I dispose of the bodies under my house
These two people live in one body, a struggle always within my mind
I never meant to become an awful insane louse
I try to be careful, so me they will never find.

In my normal life, I even host parties as a happy clown
But listen to what I say, for your own good stay away from me
Go with me, my son, and your body will never be found
I will try and make sure me they will never find.

A perfectionist I am, so I use a crawl space to hide my awful secret
All memories of what I do remain kind of hazy
But men, don't fall prey to me, because I don't hesitate to kill, not one little bit
So watch out, all men, don't cross the path of John Wayne Gacy.


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