The Serial Killers 

- dark poems to chill the heart

Son Of Sam

I will go out again tonight, because my God tells me too
I do his bidding and whatever he wishes
He comes to me and he is within plain view
Out of everyone he choose me to fulfill his wishes.

I choose my victims at random
I am so slick, no one will ever suspect me
I am smart, I will never get caught, Iím not that dumb
From my demonic force I never wish to flee.

My God gives me everything I want
In my twisted mind I am doing the right thing
I lurk in the shadows, my victims I never taunt
To my beliefs I will forever cling.

You will never see my face, my method is the gun
Waiting and lurking in the night, until I think I have found the right ones
I do my work at night, never in the day under the shining sun
My victims go about their business, never suspecting the fire of a gun.

So tonight I go out again, because my God tells me to do so
Waiting and lurking for my next victims, so silent, not a sound then BOOM
The sweet sound of my gun as I am hidden from view
See I am the son, Son of Sam.



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