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My Experience with Cancer
I have not done anything with my website for some years and I owe you an explanation and now is the time.
I was diagnosed with Leukeamia (CLL) more than 3 years ago now and am now nearly 4 weeks on from the start of treatment.
Because of my physical activity they (the heamotology group) have decided to put me on a clinical trial of a new drug and I can now report that it is working very well for me. I will be putting a lot more detail here (on another page) once I have written and assembled it. Incidentally I am the very first patient (under the NHS) in the UK on this new treatment.
I will doing this as I believe that publicity does help and any information on this condition can be of benefit to many.

I have now, at last, written a piece on Installing Mandriva, my favourite Linux distribution.

Meanwhile Some Pictures for You to Enjoy

p2230078b     Volcanoes and Rainforest Tramp in New Zealand     

Windows Security
Here are the several website addresses I have talked about in my presentation to the SLCC* on 7 January 2005.

Please, if you must use Windows, do use the required programs to protect your system. The listed programs are all free for individuals, but if you are using the programs for purposes of profit then you should consider contributing as required.
What is important is that with the number of free programs available there is no need to put your machine at risk and to thereby contribute to the worldwide virus activity.
Remember also that a protected machine is much easier to repair than one where the virus activity has not been controlled.

Even when virus activity has stopped your machine working it is still possible to remove virus activity and generally to recover your important files, I can often help here. Do not automatically assume that all is lost and that you must do a clean install, after all, your files may be important to you.
I have included the presentation in pdf  (2MB file). In case you have no pdf viewer click here get pdf reader  for one, it's free.

Also here is the update of the article I put in the recent SLCC magazine.

The Linux scene has advanced considerably over the years and I will be updating my web pages to reflect this.

Linux Updates
The functions of RealPlayer, Java and Macromedia may need attention, I have put in details of making RealPlayer work. and also how to update to the latest version of and k3b

Previously I have made two presentations on this subject.
Linux is an operating system coming from the open source community, which because of it's openess and exposure to so many engineers worldwide is extremely stable and resistant to all forms of virus activity.
The structure is based on the UNIX model which is built for security and reliability in the professional environment.
Once you have experienced Linux you will not wish to go back to the use of that other system with all it's problems.
I published a small descriptive article in the SLCC magazine.

1/ Introduction to Linux
Covers some of the general aspects of the history and makes some arguments for this superior operating system.
Presentation in pdf (0.5MB)

Gives an overview on some of the commonly used programs, including cxoffice for those who must run some Windows programs.
Presentation in pdf (3.3MB) or reduced resolution (1.3MB)

I have found report from Open Source Developement Labs which shows that Linux is now mainstream not just a niche market. Makes interesting reading and a presentation

Mandriva Install Party

On 21 November 2005 we held a thoroughly enjoyable Mandriva Install Party.
At the end of the evening we had a number of users up and running mostly in dual-boot mode with that other system.
We had our share of problems with graphics cards and one IDE bridge proved impossible, but I think it is fair to say that we did all benefit from the experience of working together.
I have several pictures which I have uploaded. The pictures are linked to larger versions.

Site always in course of construction but here is one of my pictures.
An example of holiday picture  "Kayaking in New Zealand Rainforest". Large file, 700kB, so will take some time on a dial up connection.

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*Sutton Library Computer Club

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