Now that you have your New Computer.

This is the updated version of the article already published in the SLCC magazine.

So you have your new computer and it probably came pre-installed with windows XP.

But, you have heard about viruses and other problems and you might think it won't affect you. I am afraid that within a surprisingly short time, if you connect to the internet, even briefly, you will catch a nasty.

There are a number of additional programs which you must install to protect your computer. My choices are for programs which are free for home users, businesses have to pay. Because they are free does not mean that they are inferior, certainly not.

I generally put all downloaded source programs into the directory c:\disks, it means that they are always available when you wish to reinstall or for copying to give your friends.

1/ Protection against viruses.

AVG anti-virus software is one of the best and you can go to for the download of the free (free for home users) version. Put the downloaded file into c:\disks\grisoft\.  Install the program (by double clicking) and do remember to update regularly every week. Registration is no longer required for the AVG7.


A firewall is essential to protect against hackers and rogue programs. Go to for an excellent free version.

3/ Avoid downloading viruses

Mailwasher from file_description/0,fid,20000,00.asp allows you to bounce or simply delete unexpected messages before downloading, saves a lot of time when using dial-up.

4/ Spyware

These mischievous utilitities which come with visits to many websites can be dealt with using Spybot from . This is another free program.

5/ Pop-Ups

These are a real distraction when using your computer. A very nice program is available free from file_description/0,fid,6674,00.asp called naviscope and again it is free. This program does more including setting your clock to the atomic standard.

My presentation given on 7 January 2005 is on this website.

Desmond 24 January 2005