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Welcome to the Digibox Interface Web Site

This site was created to display the Digibox Interface solutions. These devices are no longer available, however, if you have a special query use the mailto link below to contact me. 


The Digibox Interface was created to interpret Satellite Control Infra Red codes from a VCR flying lead or window type Infra Red transmitter and convert these to the format used by the Sky Digibox Digital Satellite Receiver. Not all VCR systems have a Satellite control facility, some popular brands that may incorporate this facility include Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Panasonic, Hitachi & Sony.

Sky+ Solution

The introduction of Sky+ has now caused another related problem. The very latest Panasonic (and probably other manufacturers) VCR's which include Digital Satellite control and work perfectly with the Sky Digibox are unable to control the Sky+ Digibox.

There is now a version of the Digibox Interface which allows control of the Sky+ box from your VCR. This solution will work if your VCR has Digital Satellite control capable of operating the Sky Digibox. If you have a VCR with Satellite control that does not control the Sky Digibox a solution can still be provided for Sky+, please contact me. 

All versions of the Digibox Interface are small enough to be housed in a matchbox sized ABS plastic box. Photograph

The Satellite control facility of a VCR allows the VCR to switch the Satellite receiver from standby if necessary and to the channel required for the requested timed recording.

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