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The Digibox Interface used in combination with a Gemstar VideoPlus+ or ShowView handset is compatible with all VCR's and not just VCR's that have Satellite Control.

If you have an unwanted VideoPlus+ or ShowView Handset then please contact me.

The (VideoPlus+ Deluxe) Handset is shown in the thumbnail preview below.

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These handsets are now several years old. They are an excellent product but they are not capable of controlling the Sky Digibox unless used in combination with a Digibox Interface.

They allow the entry of VideoPlus+ codes and display confirmation details on the LCD display.
They allow manual programming if required.
They allow a +15 minute option to ensure the end of the program is recorded.
They allow daily, weekly, Monday to Friday options.
They can control almost all if not all VCRs along with the Sky Digibox.
They can store at least twelve programming events, 12 can be reviewed via the LCD.
At the appropriate time they transmit Infra Red signals to both the VCR and Digibox to record.
They include six Infra Red transmitters covering all angles to allow for very flexible positioning.
They allow unattended recordings from different channels by changing channels as required.
They work from their own internal clock and do not rely on the VCR time.
Battery operated, with the four AAA's giving up to six months life. If swapped quickly the memory is not lost.

For full details of these handsets see http://www.gemstar.co.uk/en/showview/home.html 

Gemstar no longer supply these handsets.