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Portable Weld Demagnetizer

Reduces or eliminates the effects of magnetic arc blow

ZeroMag measures and neutralizes magnetic fields which may be present in the weld preparation region of mating steel components. The demagnetization process can be performed manually or automatically using ZM100A. ZeroMag is suitable for manual or automated welding processes.

DIVERSE demagnetizers are compact, ruggedly constructed units for use in typical welding site environments.
Hyperbaric versions are available on special quotaion. Simple and rapid to deploy, ZeroMag will greatly assist productivity, reducing welding times while minimising weld repairs and downtime associated with magnetic arc blow.

Zeromag in operation
2m dia pipe weld demagnetisation



  • Portable low cost weld preparation demagnetizer.

  • Links to DIVERSE Magmeter MF300H

  • Reduces or eliminates weld repairs caused by magnetic arc blow

  • Compact rugged construction.

  • Air cooled probe option.

  • Can be used in conjunction with preheat.

  • Rapidly deployed and simple to operate.

  • Customised systems manufactured to order.

  • Worldwide demagnetizing service available.

  • EMC: approved for emissions and immunity standards.

    AC Input: 48-62Hz 90-265V

    Output: 0-15V 0-100A

    Operating Temp. -20C to +50C

    Meters Gauss, Volts, Current


Recent developments to the Zeromag family include a robust set of stainless steel field probes and a computer controled add-in to degauss steel samples. The degauss option provides various demagnetizing strategies, and programmable speed of current change, BH loop fractional reduction and final step size.

With some large samples the number cycles around the BH loop will be large and the rate of change of current restricted. The Zeromag degauss option advises the degauss time in advance so that the best compriomise between production rates and good demagnetization can be realised.

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